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We are a team of passionate individuals combining creativity, technology, and innovation to create impactful experiences.

We engage in a wide range of productions, from creative events to intricate permanent projects. Our objective is to leverage each experience to enrich the expertise across our 3 universes. We keep ourselves at the forefront of bleeding-edge technologies and collaborate with pioneering creatives within the event industry, while also delving into the complexities of immersive destination architecture processes.

Our Values

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as one.

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tailor-made emotions.

Our offices


Based on the banks of the Garonne river, WB Bordeaux is dedicated to permanent projects, gathering teams fully focused on Immersive Destination and Cultural & Heritage projects.


WB Paris serves the event industry with dedicated teams specializing in the domain of brand experience, operating from the 3rd district of Paris.

In collaboration with A+E, WB is pioneering an experimental video art gallery while also supporting digital artists in showcasing and promoting their work.


Located in the former French Concession, WB Shanghai is a place of gathering. Our Shanghai teams work across all universes and serve the Asian market from within the most vibrant city in China.



Co-founded in late 2015 in Shanghai, WB started its journey into immersive content production in the vibrant city of Shanghai. Aiming for creative and innovative projects, and excited about new opportunities, the WB team rapidly extended its ventures through China and Asia.


Looking for new challenges and more sustainable projects, the WB team began to work on permanent immersive experiences. Integrated from initial sketches to onsite implementation, WB’s event background allows it to bring a fresh look at this market.


Heading back to France in 2020, the WB team implemented a new base for Brand Experiences in Paris and its new head office to develop Immersive Destination and Cultural & Heritage projects in Bordeaux.


WB is currently expanding in the Middle East and starting to look across the Pacific.

It's a collective adventure

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